wish(1) -- Linux man page



wish - Simple windowing shell  


wish ?fileName arg arg ...?  


-colormap new
Specifies that the window should have a new private colormap instead of using the default colormap for the screen.
-display display
Display (and screen) on which to display window.
-geometry geometry
Initial geometry to use for window. If this option is specified, its value is stored in the geometry global variable of the application's Tcl interpreter.
-name name
Use name as the title to be displayed in the window, and as the name of the interpreter for send commands.
Execute all X server commands synchronously, so that errors are reported immediately. This will result in much slower execution, but it is useful for debugging.
-use id
Specifies that the main window for the application is to be embedded in the window whose identifier is id, instead of being created as an independent toplevel window. Id must be specified in the same way as the value for the -use option for toplevel widgets (i.e. it has a form like that returned by the winfo id command).
-visual visual
Specifies the visual to use for the window. Visual may have any of the forms supported by the Tk_GetVisual procedure.
Pass all remaining arguments through to the script's argv variable without interpreting them. This provides a mechanism for passing arguments such as -name to a script instead of having wish interpret them.