signal(7) -- Linux man page



signal - list of available signals  


Linux supports both POSIX reliable signals (hereinafter "standard signals") and POSIX real-time signals.  

Standard Signals

Linux supports the standard signals listed below. Several signal numbers are architecture dependent, as indicated in the "Value" column. (Where three values are given, the first one is usually valid for alpha and sparc, the middle one for i386, ppc and sh, and the last one for mips. A - denotes that a signal is absent on the corresponding architecture.)

The entries in the "Action" column of the table specify the default action for the signal, as follows:

Default action is to terminate the process.
Default action is to ignore the signal.
Default action is to terminate the process and dump core.
Default action is to stop the process.

First the signals described in the original POSIX.1 standard.