chkfontpath(8) -- Linux man page



chkfontpath - simple interface for adding, removing, and listing directories in the X font server's path



chkfontpath [-lqfh] [-a name of directory to add] [-r name of directory to remove]



chkfontpath provides a simple method of configuring the directories contained in the X font server's path. As of Red Hat 6.0, all fonts in X are served via this separate font server process, not through the main X server process. This speeds up font rendering, and also allows use of font servers which are not running on the local host.

chkfontpath is mainly used by rpm in its %post and %postun sections to add and remove new directories to the server's config file at installation and de-installation time of packages containing fonts.

-a, --add=name of directory to add
Add a directory to the font path.
-r, --remove=name of directory to remove
Remove a directory from the font path.
-l, --list
List all directories in the font path.
-q, --quiet
Quiet operation; don't display any output to the screen, even when there is an error during operation.
-f, --first
Requires usage of the add command; puts the specified directory first in the font path, rather than last.
-h, --help
Show detailed help on the command line.

When directories are added to the path, some sanity checking is performed to make sure you are not adding a directory without the file fonts.dir contained in it, which the server needs to be able to render fonts properly. When a path is succesfully added or removed, the xfs process is restarted if it is currently running.



chkfontpath returns 0 on success, or 1 on error.



Configuration file for the X font server (xfs).






Written by Preston Brown <>


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