diskdumpfmt(8) -- Linux man page



diskdumpfmt - format a dump device or a partition  


diskdumpfmt [ -v ] [ [ -a ] [ -p ] [ -f ] | -c ] device
diskdumpfmt -V


diskdumpfmt is a program to format a block device file or partition device file that is to be specified as a disk dump device. However, diskdumpfmt can format only the unmounted device. If a device is mounted somewhere, diskdumpfmt cannot even check on whether the device is a dump device. In that case, diskdumpfmt returns a value 7 which means the device has already been mounted. There are two types of formatting. The first type is called the initial formatting, and it writes special signatures over every page-size block of the dump partition. The second type is called the normal formatting, and it writes special signatures over all page-size blocks except for block #0. Block #0 is used as the dump partition header, and is never modified during a memory dump operation. The administrator must run an initial formatting of each dump device partition only once. The normal formatting is required after each memory dump, but typically it is run automatically by the diskdump rc script. As for only device formatting, diskdumpfmt returns 255 if it fails due to an error. Otherwise it returns 0.  


Format all blocks of the dump partition. Unless this option is specified, diskdumpfmt checks blocks only that is checked by kernel. Then diskdumpfmt formats those blocks.
Check the status of the dump partition.
diskdumpfmt returns one of the following values.
0: the partition does not require formatting
1: the partition contains a memory dump
2: the partition requires initial formatting
3: the partition requires formatting
4: the partition is not suitable for diskdump
5: the partition is swap partition
6: the partition is swap partition which contains

   a memory dump
Format the dump partition forcibly without checking on whether the partition is a diskdump-dedicated device. That is called the initial formatting.
Display progress for formatting.
Provide some verbose outputs.
Show version information and exit.


diskdumpctl_proc(8), diskdumpctl_sysfs(8), savecore(8)