foomatic-ppdload(8) -- Linux man page



foomatic-ppdload - <put a short description here>  


foomatic-ppdload -h

foomatic-ppdload filename.ppd printer-id

foomatic-ppdload -R printer-id



foomatic-ppdload takes a ppd filename and a printer ID as arguments. It parses a PPD file and writes option data into the foomatic database for use with the foomatic "ppd" driver and that printer.

With the -R option you can remove a printer from the "ppd" driver, and with -h a short help text is shown.

Right now, it will handle Boolean and PickOne options that go in the Prolog, DocumentSetup, or PageSetup spots. Also, PPD interoption constraints (not to be confused with foomatic option to printer and driver mapping constraints) are not supported by foomatic. And of course, the interesting color and font information from the PPD has no place in the current foomatic schema. All this will change over time.



foomatic-ppdload returns ...



Manfred Wassmann <> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary.



There are several limitations, but it's an interesting experiment.

Please send bug reports to