rhn_check(8) -- Linux man page



rhn_check - check for queued actions on RHN and execute them



/usr/sbin/rhn_check [-v] [--verbose]



rhn_check is a client program that connects to the Red Hat Network backend servers and retrieves information associated with the queued actions for this particular system. This script reads the digital server ID from /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid and uses that to identify the machine to the Red Hat Network. Upon successfull authentication, rhn_check will start processing the queued actions sequentially.



The following types of actions are currently processed by rhn_check:

action typedescription

refreshThis action will refresh the hardware or software profiles of this
machine with Red Hat Network. This fucntion is called as
refresh(hardware) or refresh(rpmlist)
new_systemidThis action is used by the RHn Backend to update the Digital
system ID of this machine with a new one.
update_packagesThis action will trigger rhn_check into running a package
update for a list of packages queued from the Red Hat Network.
rhn_check will use modules from the up2date client to download
the packages, solve dependencies and install the on the system.



/etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid The digital server ID for this machine if the system has been registered onto Red Hat Network. This file does not exist otherwise.

/var/spool/up2date This directory is used by up2date to store package headers and RPM packages downloaded from Red Hat Network



man pages for up2date(8) and rhnsd(8).



Cristian Gafton <gafton@redhat.com>
Preston Brown <pbrown@redhat.com>