udevinfo(8) -- Linux man page



udevinfo - retrieve information from udev  


udevinfo [-q query_type -p sysfs_path] [-drVh]  


udevinfo allows users to query the udev database for information on any device currently present on the system. It also provides a way to query any device in the sysfs tree to help creating udev rules.  


Print the version information.
Print the udev_root directory. When used in conjunction with a query for the node name, the udev_root will be prepended.
-q query_type
Query the database for specified value of a created device node or network interface. Needs -p or -n specified.
Valid types are: name, symlink, mode ,owner , group , path or all.
-p sysfs_path
Specify the sysfs path of the device to query.
-n name
Specify the name of the node, the symlink or the network interface for the device to query. Partition names generated with the NAME{all_partitons} option can not be queried, the main device must be used instead.
Print all SYSFS{filename} attributes along the device chain. Useful for finding unique attributes to compose a rule. Needs -p specified.
Dump the whole database.
Print help text.


/etc/udev/*  udev config files





udevinfo was developed primarily by Kay Sievers <kay.sievers@vrfy.org>, with help from others.